Sebastian Brady (jagermeisterman) wrote,
Sebastian Brady

Fuck, I don't even need to look anymore.

There really comes a time when you realize that you drink too much. Way too much.

Actually, the time came and went years ago, but I didn't really pay attention. If anything, I think I drank even more.

I pulled the glass away from my lips as I lowered the .45 from the target at the end of the room. Damn. I swirled the amber liquid around and stared at the red and white circle with the bullethole directly in the center.

It's sad that I almost drank the entire glass before I went through that round. Maybe I should start making a game of it. Or maybe I need to get a fucking life, I don't know.

I tossed the gun on the couch to my right and saw the clock on the table next to it. 9:30. It was almost time to go, and I wasn't even wearing a damned shirt. I carried the nearly empty glass with me through my darkened loft to my bedroom. As I passed the kitchen, I noticed my alarm panel blinking slowly red.

"I could've sworn I set that," I said aloud as I frowned and looked around the room. It was deathly silent, and nothing moved. Nothing but me. I drew the gun I had in the waistband of my jeans and turned around. Nothing. I set my glass down and set off for the other rooms of the loft. A quick check assured me that nothing but me was there.

I shrugged and made my way back to my bedroom. I kept my gun in my hand and rifled through one of my drawers with it. A grey shirt. A black jacket. That'd complete the Sebastian ensemble for the night. I grabbed my watch off my nightstand and went to the small weapons closet in the hall. I'll never get over the feeling I get when I open it. A rush of adrenaline and a heat of anger.

I shurgged it off and grabbed enough artilery for a small army. Like most nights, I knew I'd need it.

I didn't need keys for where I was headed. I was walking. The battlegrounds were the area just around my loft. Yeah, welcome to LA.

A creak in the hardwood floor made me snap my face to the end of the hall. The living room. The only room I hadn't checked. I grabbed my gun again and crept to the living room.

"You did set that alarm, you know."

I whirled around and set my sight on a girl just to my left. She looked familiar to me. It wasn't possible, though. Vampires shouldn't look familiar to me; I kill every one I come into contact with.

"What happened to not coming in unless you're invited?" I asked her. I kept my aim right at her face.

"You did invite me, once," she said, and she smiled. Shit. Now I knew why she looked familiar. I've got to stop bringing girls home with me. One night stands never helped anybody.

I was fast enough to shoot her just as she lunged at me. I let out the breath I was holding and watched her ashes float to the ground. I did another sweep of my place before I holstered my gun again. Now I was sure there was no one.

Something was definitely up. Not only were they everywhere outside, but now they were coming into my house. As much as I hated to admit it to myself, I was really going to need some help.
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